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Find the Remote Access option that works best for you right now

Do you have your Kirkland laptop with you?
Use VPN from your Kirkland laptop. It is the best way to work just as though you were in a Kirkland office with access to all your applications and files just as you left them. You can connect by launching the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client on your Firm laptop system tray and entering your network credentials and MFA passcode.
Is your computer powered on in a Kirkland office?
Use My Office Computer to connect to and work from your office computer from another computer (PC or Mac or iPad) that you have full access to. Login at the Remote Access screen with your network credentials and MFA passcode then choose My Office Computer. Your machine must be powered on in the office for this to work.
Do you need more than email access but do not have your Kirkland computer nor access to it in the office?
Use Published Desktop for access to applications and data, including your email, the DMS and the Microsoft suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) through a standard Kirkland desktop.